Gallon and quart size Halos

Welcome To Painter's Halo

Painter’s Halo™ finally solves the age-old problem of keeping paint out of the can rim, and it maintains a factory clean seal each time the can is opened for pouring or painting. This economical product is easily pressed into the can rim and completely fills the recess, keeping paint from entering. Painter’s Halo is re-usable, long-lasting under normal use, and cleans with water or solvent. Painter’s Halo prevents the messy clean-up associated with painting and preserves expensive left-over paint. Patented and Made in U.S.A.

Painter's Halo is the ultimate answer to a stress-free clean-up after your painting project. Not only does Painter's Halo simplify clean-up, but it will preserve the factory-clean seal so that your expensive paint is preserved for the next time you decide to paint. In short, Painter's Halo will both preserve your sanity and save you money.


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